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Delivering extraordinary service to our clients is the foundation of our business. At JAM Real Estate Experts, we work as a team. There are over 180 individual tasks that go into selling your home. We have individuals on our team that specialize in each task – Client Care, Marketing, Listing Management, Sales, and Closing. We believe this sales process gives our clients the best experience.


Our team has sold hundreds of properties in the last few years. Because of that we have more experience in the issues that are relevant today, like handling today’s Buyers, Inspectors, Lenders, and leveraging technology in our marketing. You can’t pick an agent because they’ve been in the business for thirty years, if in the last 30 years they have only sold 30 properties!


Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jacob A. Martinez grew up in a family that built their own homes and always had ongoing construction projects. At age 17, Jacob started in the Title business as a courier for all title companies in Santa Fe then worked in the mortgage business for 2 years which ultimately prepared him for his career in Real Estate. 

Jacob has also served as a proud member on the The Keller Williams Associate Leadership Council, who are comprised of the top twenty percent of the Keller Williams agent body in the Market Centers. 

What we do:

JAM Real Estate Experts has a successful and systematic approach that we have used over and over again to sell homes. We maximize exposure of your home through our:

1. Aggressive Pre-Marketing Campaign 

2. Aggressive advertising leading up to our first open house event

3. Aggressive Online Marketing by Leveraging KW Platform and Technology 

4. Targeted Reverse Prospecting contacts every Realtor who we know has a Buyer 

5. Aggressive Negotiating




Jacob has been a seasoned Realtor in Santa Fe for 20 years and is a consistent, reliable producer. He is a native Santa Fean with strong ties to the community. He has a tough, solid commitment to his clients and offers Sound. Expert. Real estate advice. He is enthusiastic and brings his tenacity and passion to the table to help buy, sell, and bargain for his clients. Jacob also brings an effective, strategic approach to every transaction; taking advantage of target marketing and the internet to ensure maximum exposure for his clients. Jacob also thinks that it is extremely important to be completely forthright with his clients, making a genuine effort to understand his clients' goals by making it a point to apply his knowledge and provide thorough analysis on any given property, area, or market condition.  

Contact Number: 505-501-3210

EMAIL :  jacobsantafe@kw.com


Peggy is a native Santa Fean who has worked in the Santa Fe Real Estate industry for over 2 years. Her extensive background in Real Estate Marketing and Team Management has paved the way for her to provide in-depth service to her clients. In her time in the industry, Peggy has assisted many top-producing Real Estate Brokers in Santa Fe with their transactions and has worked in every price range and scenario that the "City Different" and surrounding areas have to offer. Peggy happily operates as the JAM Real Estate Expert’s support hub.

Contact Number: 505-316-6236

EMAIL :  peggysantafe@kw.com


Melisa is a diverse individual who speaks multiple languages. She began her career pursuing a degree in Dental Health and since then has made her way into the world of Marketing and Graphic Design. As the former Marketing Director of Keller Williams Realty Santa Fe, she made a name for herself designing advertisements for local Real Estate Magazines and other media outlets. She's always felt very creatively driven and is able to express this through Marketing and Graphic Design. Her edge in the Real Estate community are her marketing skills as well as always being able to stay ahead on the latest technology in Real Estate.

Contact Number: 505-577-5870

EMAIL : melisamarioni@kw.com


David offers a unique blend of expertise to the JAM Real Estate Experts Team: corporate acumen and a passion for creating exceptional real estate experiences. He is poised to deliver results that exceed expectations. David’s approach is not just transactional; it's about crafting a journey that aligns with your goals.

Contact Number: 505-375-2030

EMAIL: davidsantafe@kw.com

          ARAM HERRERA 

Aram specializes in showcasing your home in front of thousands of people.  Whether it be by photographing your home himself or creating stunning video to highlight your home, Aram is committed and dedicated to making sure your needs are taken care of by leveraging technology, ties within the local community,  and creativity to get you moving! A recent graduate of Business Administration at the University of New Mexico,  Aram is a respectful listener who has lived overseas in Hong Kong and South Korea during his university career. He has been perfecting his ability to communicate for the past 4 years to ensure your most  life-changing decision is handled as effectively as possible. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and excited to join a consistently top producing team with over 20 years of experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Contact Number: 505-795-0517

EMAIL: aramherrera@kw.com

          MARCOS ZUBIA 

Contact Number: 505-690-3633

EMAIL: zubiarealty.sf@gmail.com


Contact Number: 505-946-8953

EMAIL: donnasanchez-zubia@kw.com


Benjamin is a real estate broker with experience working for contractors in a client facing sales capacity, managing property flips, managing rental properties, and helping clients buy, sale and invest in homes. His remodeling background allows him to provide clients with invaluable knowledge regarding a home’s construction and investment potential. His extensive network of contractors, nurtured over years in the industry, ensures clients have access to top-quality renovation resources. Benjamin has been a life-long local of Santa Fe, New Mexico and has investment properties in the same market he serves today. He knows the history, trends, and future potential of different neighborhoods and surrounding areas extremely well. Known for his drive, dedication to his clients, and commitment to the highest quality service, Benjamin is an invaluable partner in navigating the real estate market. His blend of remodeling experience and deep local knowledge ensures clients have a leg up on the market in finding their first home, investing in a property, or selling.

Contact Number: 505-920-4631

EMAIL: benjaminsantana@kw.com


While most agents are Reactive to critical issues like Pricing, Negotiating, Physical Inspections, and Appraisal Inspections, JAM Real Estate Experts takes a Proactive approach to these critical issues, delivering results to our clients minimizing liability exposure.

1. Proactive Pricing

Most average agents are Reactive- they do a quick CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and recommend a list price without considering all the factors. The risk of pricing your property too high or too low is that the listing can get stale or you can leave money on the table – either way, you lose. We are experts in strategic pricing for maximum return. We study every relevant comparable, talk with each agent who handled the listing to gain valuable insight on number of offers/price reception/etc., and physically tour the competing active/pending comps to ensure accurate pricing of our listing.

2. Proactive Negotiating

When we are in a multiple offer situation, we will screen each Buyer and interview the Buyer Agent, Lenders, and verify that they have no other offers out and are going to stay committed. Additionally, because our listings typically sell at the top of the market value range, we’ll set expectations up front that the Buyer will cover the difference in appraisal value and contract price, if any.

3. Proactive Physical Inspections

Once escrow is open, the Buyer will do a physical inspection of the property. ALL home inspections will reveal something wrong with a home – yes even yours! Most home Inspectors exaggerate repair issues, which can lead to higher than necessary repair costs or worse yet, a paranoid buyer who wants to cancel the escrow. For this reason, we will pay for a home inspection up front, address any repairs early on so we can have a committed Buyer. We have access to affordable and trustworthy contractors to save you time any money.

4. Proactive Appraisal Inspections

95% of our listings are sold to Buyers who are financing the purchase. It is to everyone’s benefit that the Appraiser is equipped with all the necessary information to make an accurate value assessment. For this reason, we will make a list of all the property’s improvements and its special features.